Blink Membership Agreement

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Was your membership acquired through an external third-party partnership company? In this case, you must resign through the third party. If you have used a third party, please include the address below. We are not connected to this gym or any other gym. Your ClassPass – Blink Fitness subscription starts at the beginning of your next billing cycle. You will receive a ClassPass purchase confirmation in which you would detail your login data. To access and use Blink`s fitness sites, you need to go to anyone in the NY Metro area to retrieve your All-Access keychain as soon as your next billing cycle starts signing the flashing membership contract and taking a photo to complete the activation process. You can`t access your flashing subscription or use it until the new cycle date. 3.6 ACCELERATION AND SUSPENSION OF FLASHING SERVICES. If an amount owed by the host under these conditions for the subscription fee for the flashing services purchased or another agreement between the provider (or the supplier`s affiliate) and the host has been outstanding for more than thirty (30) days (or if the host has authorized the provider: charge of the amount due to the host`s credit card and payment has been refused under such a credit card, more than 5 days have elapsed since the host received such an event from the supplier), the supplier may, without otherwise restricting the supplier`s rights or recourse, expedite the host`s unpaid fee obligations under such agreements, so that all of these obligations become immediately due and payable. , and suspend the use of the flashing services acquired by the host until these amounts are fully paid. With your ClassPass membership, the default restrictions apply.

Please note that your ClassPass credits must be used as part of a billing cycle and cannot be transferred in the next billing cycle, unless ClassPass specifically states otherwise. Here you can find information on current rollover policies. A Gray member is a non-binding agreement to cancel you, you only have to terminate, there is no redemption fee. The number of days required for cancellation varies from country to country. Your Blink Fitness subscription is a level membership all access to Blink Fitness® locations in the NY Metro area. ClassPass users who acquire the offer have the right to access and use all Blink fitness equipment available to all-access level members and can benefit from a free 30-minute start-up training from Blink Fitness. Personal workouts and other add-ons are paid directly to Blink Fitness for a fee. The ClassPass – Blink Fitness-Mitgliedschaft does not offer membership fees, no access to iBlink (blink Fitness`s internal member portal) or blink Fitness` BFF-Empfehlungsbelohnungsprogramm. Charges: Our charges are charged: (i) per kilowatt hour (“kWh”) of the energy delivered to the vehicle; or (ii) until the vehicle is connected to the rounded flashing charging station at intervals 30 seconds or one hour apart, depending on the flashing charging station; or (iii) by a flat fee for the entire session (“meeting rate”), depending on the location of the flashing charging station.

Blink manages an updated price calendar by region on the Blink Network ( website. In addition, some flashing charging stations charge a non-refundable occupancy fee for cars connected to the flashing charging station after the end of the loading session. Your ClassPass membership is provided by ClassPass and is subject to ClassPass terms and privacy policy. Your Blink Fitness subscription is provided by Blink Holdings, Inc. (“Blink”) and is subject to the Blink-Mitgliedschaftsvertrag), which you must consent to access and use a Blink Fitness® site. In addition, by registering for this co-membership, you will accept the terms of offer listed below.