Build Over Agreement South East Water

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Document with guidelines for proposed construction work on guidelines – 3 MB Maps identify the location and size of known public sewers and the water line in the locality of the land or land. Find out what to do if you`re building a new property. In accordance with the Water Act of 1989, you will need our approval if you intend to build by one of our water supply services, sewers or recycled water facilities within one of our meters. It is illegal to do work above or within a metre of our fortune without permission. If you are planning to do building work or structures above or near water or sewers, you should read these guidelines – they will help you maximize land use while using best practices. You can also use resources such as SEWmap, ASSETWEBMAP and Dial Before You Dig to find assets. If your work causes damage to the intrusion of our facilities, you are responsible for the repair costs. By finding out where all the assets are near your property, you can make sure you don`t damage it while you`re doing work on your property. Ask for an online map with digdatan® or make an appointment to view it at our office in Durrington in Worthing. If you are a developer or contractor who intends to do work near our assets, find out how to find and protect our assets.