Class Block Fee Agreement

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Is there a way to support ship management companies and monitor the impending deadlines for surveys and recommendations? We offer FREE EASY, an e-mail system that provides ship managers with due dates for all class interventions and legal certificates from a RINA-class vessel. The Easy email alert system is based on the status of the investigation recorded in Leonardo Info. In 2019, Hero Shipping also signed a contract for KR to provide verification services to IHM for the entire company fleet. Hero Shipping is one of the first shipping companies in northern Europe to systematically use KR for classification alongside a number of other services. A strong partnership has developed and two more ships are being prepared for class transfer in order to join the kr class in the near future. A vessel destined to operate on the international market must have a valid class certificate issued after verification of compliance with the rules of a classification company. The primary objective of RINA vessel classification rules is to ensure that vessels are maintained and operated in a way that minimizes risks to life, the environment and property. The class is assigned to a vessel in service, following a satisfactory review of the document and drawings, as well as to the investigations carried out, to verify that it complies with the relevant rules of the company. The class is maintained throughout the life of the ship by regular and occasional investigations. Press release: Korean Register (KR) has signed a five-year contract with german naval management company Held to provide ISO 9001, ISM Company Audit (DOC), ISM Ship Audit (SMC) and ISPS and MLC compliance services for the company`s fleet of more than 30 vessels. Hero Shipping has ranked its first ship in 2018 with kr the “Maria Francisca” IMO 9235361. Since then, the relationship of trust between the two companies has increased and five other vessels have been transferred to KR since then – “ABB Bentje” OMI 9283954, “BBC Newcastle” IMO 9484209, “BBC Nagasaki” IMO 9559872, “Elke” IMO 9283966 and “UML Veronica” IMO 9500089.

The registry classification activity is consistent with the general classification and other activities provisions.