Cost Of Thames Water Build Over Agreement

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If you have a construction contract for a domestic channel no more than 160 mm in diameter, you can continue the authorized work. With regard to taking into account the impact of the new foundations and the current requirements of the construction law, which stipulates that the new foundations must have a depth of at least one metre. The depth of these foundations and the extra weight of the new structure can lead to broken leaks or pipes, which can lead to flooding. It is best to know where the pipes are when designing the building to avoid delays and additional costs. Don`t worry if you`re not sure how you`re going to do it — we`re here to help. As you can imagine, not only has this resulted in significant delays and costs for the homeowner, but it also risks losing their supplier, not to mention the additional burden of the error. Wells also cannot be built because of the increased risk of flooding and olfactory nuisance caused by internal wells. Where possible, wells should be removed and crossed. If it is not possible to build a well outside a building, we can discuss alternatives when we receive your application. Public sewer “Mapped” are those that appear in the public sewer map maintained by your local water and sanitation company, which you can visit and inspect. You can also talk to a real estate search provider, including our Property Searches team, to order an Asset Location Search for your property. There is a tax for making this available. If you are eligible for a self-certified agreement, simply complete the online questionnaire and start your work immediately (provided your work conforms to the description you gave in the online questionnaire).

A self-certified agreement is free. Can I build a well? No, we do not allow internal wells because the risk of internal flooding and odour problems increases, even if doubly sealed blankets are used. Wells must be completely removed and routed through wells that need to be rebuilt outside of your extension, either on the sewer line or be relegated and connected by a Y seal.