Eyes Agreement

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It is a scenario supported on his journey by American commentators and academics who like to talk about the clash of civilizations to come, the time of Thucydides and other apocalyptic scenarios. This is the path of broken agreements, endless border violations, stolen intellectual property, disregard for human rights and the rules-based international order – in short, where it might prove right. To support the history of the NSA agreement, the memorandum adds a 1945 memorandum from President Truman authorizing the then Minister of War and the Secretary of the Navy to “continue cooperation in the field of communication between the U.S. Army and the Navy and the British and to extend, modify or terminate that cooperation. , or because it is determined to be in the best interests of the United States.¬†This Presidential Memorandum is of particular interest because it provides evidence that the President directly authorized the various military branches to determine the course and future contours of the UKUSA agreement. This provision was not necessarily clear to the public (and it was not clear on the basis of the text of the 1972 memorandum to the NSA itself). It is interesting to note that President Truman`s memorandum was not part of documents published by the NSA in 2010 on the history of the UKUSA agreement, which covers the period 1940-1956. Some of the bilateral agreements under THE UKUSA umbrella organisation reveal the outsourcing of surveillance activities to companies without restricting their access to classified information, which contributes to the privatization of espionage. This raises questions about the transfer of government functions to private actors that remain unanswered.

The strategic interest of democracies is to recognize to China the wisdom of the second way, followed in a moderate and legitimate way, and the self-prejudicial ingenoticness of the former. And here is the existence of an ever more vigilant “eye loop” to complete and unmask Chinese infiltrations and check China`s habit of saying one reassuring thing and making it another ruthless, the best sidewalk. In 1997, the NSA drafted a reference document on the us-UK crypto-logic relationship for President Clinton in preparation for his next meeting with the United Kingdom. Prime Minister Tony Blair. The document describes the relationship as “based on a formal ukusa agreement signed in 1946 and containing numerous support agreements signed over the years with the NSA`s equivalent, the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ).” The document also confirms that the initial understanding of the “unrestricted” exchange agreement “with the exception of expressly excluded areas (e.g..B. U.S. information) at the request of one of the parties,” persists during this period. The language immediately following this instruction is edited. One line stands out: “Some GCHQ [REDACTED] exist only to perform NSA tasks.” The unpublished part of this sentence could indicate that the NSA is relocating or, at least, outsourcing some SIGINT activities directly to GCHQ.

What we know about the purpose of the UKUSA agreement certainly indicates that this type of activity could fall within its scope.