Rbc Disclosures And Agreements

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2 Table of Materials INTRODUCTION 2 A. DISCLOSURES Conditions you need to know 3 1. Your Account Options 5 Select Your Account 5 Transferring Your Personal Account to RBC with CustomSwitch 5 RBC VIP Banking 6 Bank Accounts 14 Savings Accounts 22 Youth and Student Bank Accounts Account Management 33 Deposit Interest 33 Monthly Fee 34 debit transactions 35 MultiProduct Rebate on monthly fees 36 Seniors Discount on Monthly Fees 38 Overdraft Protection 39 Account Switches and Conversions Access your account 41 RBC Royal Bank Client Card 41 RBC Royal Bank Agencies and RBC Royal Bank Automated Teller (Automatic Distributors) 41 Royal Bank Cash ATMs 41 Interac Debit including Interac Flash 42 Cross Border Debit 44 Interac Online 44 RBC Virtual Visa Debit 44 RBC Royal Bank Telephone Banking 45 RBC Royal Bank Online Banking 46 RBC Royal Bank Mobile Banking 46 Third Payment 46 Interac e-transfer 47 RBC International Money Transfer Recordkeeping Options Related Services 51 Other Services 51 Inactive Accounts (Dormant Accounts) Automatic Linking and Privacy Rules 56 RBC VIP Banking 56 RBC Signature No Limit Banking 58 Student Banking Accounts 60 B. PERSONAL DEPOSIT ACCOUNT CLIENT AGREEMENT 62 C. CLIENT CARD AGREEMENT 84 7 10 RBC Royal Bank Personal Deposit Account Statements and Agreements 11 RBC VIP Banking Features and Services Related Services Certified Cheque When presented by the issuer (the Payor) Drafts, all currencies VIP Banking VIP Operating Account 2 free per calendar year, $20.00 per year 12 free per calendar year, $7.50 per RBC VIP companion accounts subsequently eligible for 3 maximum accounts: 2 Canadian dollars – $1 RBC Day to Day Banking RBC Day to Day Savings RBC Enhanced Savings U.S. Personal account $20 per $20.00 for $20.00 , everyone must identify themselves as RBC Banking VIP Operating or Companion. Account holders with your RBC VIP Client Card, in order not to pay for the purchase project through the online bank (self-serve) $10.00 per $10.00 per $10.00 per $10.00 each $10.00 each $10.00 per stop payment at an RBC Royal bank or by the bank by phone with the help of a representative of RBC custom check checks, If the american Express account check (AMEX) Travellers Cheques $2 $0.00 per €20.00 per $20.00 per $20.00 per $20.00 per RBC VIP style the third-party fee applies for third-party fees, which apply to third-party fees. €2.00 each €2.00 per $2.00 per $2.00 per commission-free must identify as RBC VIP Banking Operating or Companion Account Owner with your RBC VIP Customer Card, in order not to be debited for the purchase of AMEX Travellers Cheques Discount on 1 secure deposit $45.00 annual Non applicable For credit card discount See RBC VIP Banking Note on Credit Cards Special Terms for Discounts on Page 12 Yes No Applicable 15 26 RBC Royal Bank Disclosures and Agreements Related to Personal Deposit Accounts 27 Youth and Student Account Banks RBC Leo s Young Savers Account RBC Student Banking Youth and Student Banking Accounts features and Services Management of your RBC Leo`s Young Savers Account RBC No Limit Banking for Students RBC Student Banking Account Currency Canadian Canadian Canadian Deposit Account Interests Yes see RATESetter Monthly Fee per Monthly Cycle 15 1 Unlimited 25 1 Transactions additional free debit per monthly cycle and/or free debit transactions 1 per automated pay account up to a maximum of 9 per Non-Unlimited account 1 per automated pay account up to a maximum of 9 per account $1.00 per case. , if the monthly fee charged $6.00 according to MultiProduct Rebate $4.95 Overdraft Protection, optional access to your Interac Account Access fee to a non-Rbc Royal Bank ATM in Canada PLUS System Access charges to a non-rbc Royal Bank atm in Canada and the United States.