Telework Agreement Tbs

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Regular telework days are Monday to Friday (7.5 hours a day, 5 days/week). Employees are expected to communicate regularly with their supervisor to determine work schedules and all other company requirements related to the work schedules and functions of the PS. If necessary, the telework and working time schedule will be adapted to the company`s requirements, at the request of management. Please note that, for security reasons, PS staff members are not allowed to hold face-to-face business meetings in their telework environment. For the purposes of this guide, the main telework position for employees is their home, as requested by the health authorities and our Deputy Minister for security reasons. We are trying to reduce employee exposure to COVID 19. Exceptionally, some essential employees may be required to work in the office during the pandemic. As a result, these employees are not teleworked when they are in the office. In agreement with assistant directors, services and agencies are encouraged to identify and determine the best way to deal with exceptional situations (critical services requiring a field presence); Security restrictions or other business imperatives for which it is not possible to consider a reasonable alternative to local work) that are not suitable for telework. At this unprecedented time, if we do not work in critical functions and are forced to report to the workplace, we must stay in our homes and, if possible, telework. In exceptional circumstances, employees with specialized ergonomic equipment in the office may not have similar devices at home.

In these cases, the worker should discuss with management the type of work performed (if critical), the type of specific prescribed ergonomic equipment, and instructions on requirements to see what can be done as a temporary measure while the worker is working from home. Telework can be an excellent work-life balance option for IS and management. According to the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety, telework can provide more flexibility, better management of personal time and better satisfaction with workers` work, while improving employee engagement, productivity and reducing absenteeism for the employer. Recognizing that these are highly unusual circumstances, the Delegate is responsible for ensuring that his teleworkers are guided with compassion, and registers to determine how they deal with the new conditions of COVID-19.