Trading Advisory Agreement

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The commercial advice agreements, the declaration and the trust agreement, the escrow agreement and this agreement have been approved, executed and delivered in a correct and effective manner by the managing owner and on behalf of the trust, and each constitutes a legal, valid and binding agreement of the trust and the managing owner that can be implemented in accordance with its terms. . Any series and/or any commercial fund may be obliged to agree to lighten and/or compensate commercial advisors and related persons in accordance with the terms of the trade advice agreements, and the promoter is entitled to induce each series or each commercial fund to enter into such agreements, even if these trade advice agreements offer greater liability protection (exculpation) and/or greater compensation than section 2.6. Suite 350 Houston, TX 77056 Re: AAA Energy Opportunities Fund LLC Sydling AAA Master Fund LLC Dear Mr. Annunziato: Advisory Trade Agreements (the “Agreements”) among the aforementioned funds, Sydling Futures Management LLC and AAA Capital Management Advisors, Ltd. Its partner`s comple is authorized to enter into, on behalf of the partnership, the trade advisory agreement described in the prospectus with each commercial advisor described in the prospectus and to induce the partnership to pay the commercial consultants` management fees and the business incentive fees set out in the existing consulting agreements, as stated in the prospectus.